Asthma + Lung UK has called on the government

In a recent report, Asthma + Lung UK highlighted that despite advances in treatment and awareness of the condition, there has been no significant reduction in preventable asthma deaths in the UK since 2011. This is a concerning trend, especially considering that asthma is a treatable and manageable condition.Asthma + Lung UK has called on the government to introduce targets to end preventable asthma deaths, after finding little improvement in asthma care over the past ten years

The organization is now calling on the government to set specific targets to reduce the number of preventable asthma deaths in the UK. These targets would help to drive improvements in asthma care, ensure better access to life-saving treatments, and ultimately save lives.

Asthma + Lung UK also stresses the importance of improving awareness and education about asthma among healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public. By increasing understanding of asthma and its symptoms, more people can receive timely and appropriate care, reducing the risk of severe asthma attacks and fatalities.

It is crucial that the government takes action to address the continuing issue of preventable asthma deaths in the UK. By setting clear targets and implementing measures to improve asthma care, we can work towards reducing the number of lives lost to this condition and ensuring that all individuals with asthma receive the support and treatment they need.

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